Over 10 years experience as official service partner of Bavaria Yachtbau GmbH

Bavaria yachts are the epitome of adventure and luxury. It is very important for the dealers to deliver their ordered yachts punctually and carefully to their end customers. It must be guaranteed that the yachts leave the factory premises properly. Due to the immediate vicinity of the Bavaria Yachtbau GmbH, Meltemi Yachtservice can take advantage of the location advantage and take care of the final acceptance / quality inspection on site.

Our services

In addition to our quality controls for the Bavaria Yachtbau GmbH, we have of course also bundled many services within our sector in order to be able to offer full-service dealers as well as end customers. We are happy to help you with all matters relating to the Bavaria Yachts.

End / Quality Control

For agents of the Bavaria Yachtbau GmbH we attach great importance to ensuring that the ordered yacht is delivered in perfect condition.

We carefully check your ordered boat and accessories for function, configuration and optical condition.


You have special installation requirements or require assistance in selecting suitable equipment for installation in your boat.

You will appreciate our extensive experience combined with care, thoroughness and reliability.


Your yacht has suffered a transport or other damage, then we repair this damage with the utmost care and precision, so that your yacht appears again in new splendor.


If you have fallen in love with a rare old boat in need of a refit or want to increase the value of your yacht, then we offer restorations from A to Z. We attach great importance to quality products and details to ensure a long service life.

Underwater protection

With an optimal and extensive protective coating (antifouling) we seal particularly heavily used areas of the boat and thus prevent an osmosis infestation and thus preserve the lubricity of the boat.


High-tech films not only give you the opportunity to cost-effectively customize and protect your ship. Also damage occurring in the life of a ship can be perfectly eliminated without visible traces. Design possibilities are self-explanatory and that with our partner at the age of 18 in the bonding of large-scale structures.

Transport service

If you need assistance in transporting your yacht, we have long-standing transport partners in our portfolio, with whom we can build on our experience together. We are happy to arrange a company for you.


To experience yachting means to experience freedom. With the opportunity to charter a high-quality yacht, we offer you the time to engage in yachting. We are happy to advise you, just contact us via the contact form.

More services

Of course, there are still countless questions and wishes that we would like to ask ourselves and we are constantly trying to expand our spectrum of services. Just contact us without obligation, we look forward to hearing from you.

Contact to us

We are happy to take care of all questions and suggestions and would like to deliver you the highest quality. All contact information and addresses can be found below or simply send us an inquiry via email.


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+49 (0) 177 8217029

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